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Vision & Values:

We seek to encounter the presence of the Living God,

and we believe we are transformed by that encounter. 

(January 2023)

We are changed when we are in His manifest presence and when our lives are submitted to the authority of His Word. We want to live like Jesus and be His hands and feet to the poor and the marginalised.

Our values are those that align with the national Vineyard Movement in the UK and Ireland.

Check out our Vineyard Values series below to hear more about the things that are close to our heart as a Vineyard Church here in Sudbury.


1. The Radical Middle (Word & Spirit)

2. Kingdom Expectation (The Now & The Not Yet)

3. Heart of Compassion

4. Worship 'til we Worship

To hear more about The Vineyard Movements set of 'distinctives' click here.


As part of the community of Stour Valley Vineyard Church, there are four things that we would encourage you to do:

1. Join us on Sundays
2. Join a HOME Group
3. Find somewhere to Serve
4. Give Regularly

Being surrounded by a community of believers is key for us to stay strong in the faith and for us to be encouraged to grow. Serving is the way we use our gifts and give back to the Lord, and giving monetarily is a giving back to the One who has given so generously to us.

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Come hear more!

If you are interested in attending a newcomers lunch, please click the link below and the office will let you know when our next one is scheduled.

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