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We give back to our God who first gave to us. We believe that God is always the 'giver' and that makes us the 'give-backers'. As part of our love and devotion for Jesus, we are called to give-back our entire lives to the Lord. This includes our time, money, priorities, plans, hopes, dreams and hobbies. Each of these areas is important because giving-back to the Lord demonstrates our complete trust in Him to provide everything we need and our confidence that the Father loves to give good gifts to us, His children (Matt 7:11).


We believe that regular financial giving is good for our hearts (Matt 6:24).

We believe that giving to the Lord as our first monthly budget item helps us rightly order our priorities (Gen 4:4).

We believe that deciding beforehand what to give is good financial wisdom (1 Cor 16:2).


The only time God invites His people to test Him is found in Malachi 3:10, where God calls His people to bring their full gift to Him and see if He will not pour out extravagant blessing (not necessarily financial blessing) on His people. We believe that our God loves to bless us in response to us giving ourselves, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to Him.

If you would like to give, the link below will take you to our stewardship page.

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