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What to Expect

What's a Sunday morning like?

Our Sunday service starts at 11am at Tudor Primary School,

Sudbury on Tudor Road.

Doors open at 10:45am for refreshments. 

On arrival you’ll be greeted by a member of our Welcome Team who will say hello and make you feel at home. You will be offered freshly warmed croissants,

coffee & tea, so grab something to eat and drink before you take a seat!


If you have kids, we will introduce to you our Planet Vineyard Team, so you can find out what kind of morning they will have too. We operate in a place of safety and accountability, so all our team is DBS checked.


Toddler and primary aged children head out to their groups after the second worship song in our main meeting, youth are released to their group at the end of worship.

We will then have a message from the Bible and ministry time.



Our (approximate timings) service looks like:

10:45am refreshments

11:00am service start

11-11:35am worship

11:35am-12pm message

12-12:30pm: ministry time & prayer

Joining SVV

We don't have any formal membership at  Stour Valley Vineyard Church. 

If you choose to commit to SVV, you will be invited to come to a newcomers lunch where you can meet the pastors and hear more about what the Vineyard is all about.


We encourage all those who make SVV their home church to live by 4 expectations:

Untitled design.jpg

Being surrounded by a community of believers is key for us to stay strong in the faith and for us to be encouraged to grow. Serving is the way we use our gifts and give back to the Lord, and giving monetarily is a giving back to the One who has given so generously to us.

Get Plugged In

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