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Welcome to the Engine Room!

We believe that prayer and worship are the two "engines" that drive our church at SVV.

We are passionate about getting into the presence of the Almighty God and through worshipping Him and spending time with Him in prayer - read more below about opportunities to do just that!

Upcoming Events

Prayer Ministry Evenings

Usually the 3rd Monday of every month, we gather and make space for the Holy Spirit to come and do what He wants to do. This is a time where we receive prayer and give prayer by the laying on of hands. It's a great place to practice prophesying, delivering words of knowledge and ​administering healing. We meet at the Vineyard Centre @ 7:30pm.

Worship Nights

Worship nights (or worship 'afternoons') are essential for us as a church to meet with the Lord by worshipping Him. We tend to have worship nights once a month - be sure to check the calendar so you can come be a part of these powerful times of encounter. 

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