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Worship 'til we Worship

Perhaps what people most readily associate with The Vineyard is its creative and contemporary worship.  Worship enables us to glorify God, draw close to him and become more like Jesus.


We worship to come close to God and to express ourselves to him.  Our worship can be summed as:


Our worship allows us to become intimately acquainted with God; we love to sing to him rather than about him.



We value consistency between our private and public lives.


Worship is not a performance. The role of our worship team is to lead people to engage with God.


Kingdom expectation

 When we worship we have a longing for God’s Kingdom to break into our current context; for the King to come.



We worship with a sense of excitement, anticipation, delight and gratitude; with passion.


John Wimber said, "we in the Vineyard have, from the very outset of our ministry, made worship our highest priority, believing that it is God’s desire that we become, first, worshippers of God".


Sing a new song to the Lord! Everyone on this earth, sing praises to the Lord, sing and praise his name. Day after day announce, “The Lord has saved us!” Tell every nation on earth, “The Lord is wonderful and does marvellous things!

Psalm 96:1-3 (CEV)

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