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We're here to help!

We give emergency food bags to local families and individuals in crisis through a referral system, partnering with a growing number of agencies in Sudbury and the surrounding areas.

We provide simple food supplies, toiletries, household cleaners and even nappies and pet food.​ 


How do I access the service? 

Any agency that you are working with can refer you via email, which includes schools and churches.


If you are not with a support agency you can call the Council Helpline number 0300 1234000 option 7, they are open 7 days a week. Or pop along to the Sudbury Library Access Point, Mon or Thurs and speak to the team there. Once referred then you can pick up your emergency food bags direct from us at the Vineyard Centre any Tues or Fri 1pm-3pm (except Bank Holidays).

If you can’t get to us we also offer a limited capacity delivery service between 3.45pm-5pm on Tue and Fri.Simple as that. No strings attached, but with a lot of love and compassion.

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