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We rely totally on your amazing generosity to provide emergency food and other items to support our local community in crisis. Where can I donate? Sudbury: Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's, East of England Co-Ops Great Cornard, Long Melford, Lavenham: Sudbury Business Centre: Thursday 10.30am-12pm​ - 

What do we need?  We can only take dry stores foods, as we do not have refrigeration facilities. We want to honour our service users by only giving ‘supermarket quality’ items, so please check the best before date. For regular updates see our Facebook page or follow the list above:

British Pound Coins

Give Financially

We need financial donations to keep our service running so we can support local people in short-term crisis. We use your money to provide a supportive place for people to come when they are truly struggling to cope.​


Your generous donation also allows us to purchase stock to meet the needs of those we serve – that might be with specific dietary requirements or simply to fill the gaps on our shelves.


How can I donate?  Here via our online giving tool Stewardship

By cheque: made payable to Storehouse 

Directly to our charity account: please email for details.

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