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Here is all the information for our 3 new locations that we will be using for various different ministries and services run by Stour Valley Vineyard Church:

Church Services

 - from 12th November - 

On Sunday mornings we will now be meeting at

Tudor Primary School, Tudor Rd, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 1NL.

(Just down the road from our previous location)

We will be meeting at a new time: 11:00-12:15.

Our first Sunday at Tudor primary is Sunday 12th November.








Foodbank & Church Offices

- from 14th November - 

Storehouse drop ins will now be run from Suite 1&2 Sudbury Business Centre, Milner Road, Chilton Industrial Estate, CO10 2XG. Our church office staff will also use this building to work from.














Little Wonders Tots Group

- from 29th November - 

Our toddler group will now be meeting at 3rd Sudbury Scouts Hut.

3rd, Scout Group Headquarters, 6 Quay Ln, Sudbury CO10 2AN

(Wednesdays term time – 9:30-11:15)

Subury Business Centre - Church offices location
Tudor Primary School - Sunday Services location
Sudbury Scout Hut - Little Wonders location

If you have any questions relating to our church services or toddler group, please contact

For any questions relating to the Foodbank please contact

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