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‘They will call him “Immanuel”, which means “God with us”’


Matthew 1 v 23

What is Immanuel Prayer?
Immanuel Prayer is a one to one prayer process of connecting deeply and personally with Jesus and removing barriers to an intimate, interactive lifestyle of connection with Him. Jesus loves to bring his healing and peace and help us to see ourselves, our circumstances and others as He does. The intention is that each session increases your capacity to remain securely connected to Jesus through the ups and downs of life.

Who is Immanuel Prayer for?
It is for anyone and everyone wishing to experience greater intimacy with Jesus. Immanuel Prayer is a great way to come and relax into simply being with Jesus, gently guided by a trained facilitator and can be especially helpful if you are struggling to sense God’s presence or to hear Him speak to you.

Who facilitates Immanuel Prayer?
We have a trained team of people who would love to coach you through an encounter with Jesus.

How long does a session last and what should I expect?
Each session lasts about an hour and can take place in person or over zoom.  It begins with an opening prayer and a moment of quiet where you will be invited to ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind a time of special connection or great joy. From there, along with some reflective questions from the facilitator, we trust Jesus to guide the session, to do what He knows best. You only share what you are comfortable sharing - everything else can stay between you and Him.


You are welcome to book in for a one off session, however as Jesus continually wants to draw us closer and work in our lives, we highly recommend a number of sessions over a period of time.

Immanuel Prayer Sessions:

Karen is our Immanuel Prayer Rep at SVV. If you'd like more information or like to book a session, send her an email.

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