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We had a great turnout for our first Project Christmas Angel knitting workshop in July and have already got a good number of angels made… just awesome! We still need heaps more so that we can send out a message of hope to lots of people in our community this Christmas.

We plan to have 2 more workshops before the big angel giveaway in Advent:

Friday 14th September, 7:30pm at the Vineyard Centre
Friday 16th November, 7:30pm at the Vineyard Centre

In the meantime why not have a go at knitting, crocheting, sewing or glueing some felt angels? You could even make it a fun group activity and gather together with some friends and family to craft some angels. Here a couple of patterns to get you started.

Each Sunday at church there will be a donation station where you can drop off-white wool, needles, or other useful crafting material to make angels. Alternatively, if you want to have a go but have no materials feel free to help yourself from the box.

Keep an eye on our Angelometer each week to see how many angels have been made, you can drop your own finished angel/s in the box to add to the total. To quote a well know grocery store “every little helps” so whether you make 1 or 20, they will deliver that really important message of hope to someone this Christmas!

If you don’t feel able to make angels, you can still get involved, we will need people to help with making labels and attaching them to angels. We also need people to distribute the angels at key locations around Sudbury during Advent. This will be the main focus of the November workshop.

If you would like to join the WhatsApp group to share updates, patterns etc please let Karen, Beleta or Kerri know.

Happy angel making,