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We have now packed and delivered all our Christmas bags. Thank you for your kind and generous donations, which have enabled us to help many individuals and families to have a happier Christmas.

Storehouse is open all year round, not just at Christmas, and so we welcome donations all year round too. If you would like to help us to care for people in crisis, please click here.







Give the gift to lift the Christmas spirit for a struggling family in our community with a basket of essential food. Small acts of kindness really do change the world, starting with theirs!








Watching your own budget? No worries. How about providing just a top-up? Help us buy the extras needed to make this a Christmas a family or a person won’t forget.









Give a present of a bag to three hard-pressed families at Christmas. It will help provide everything from life’s essentials to a little taste of Christmas. A real life-saver over the festive period.








Life is tough even when there is one to look after, but to look after your whole family can be simply crushing. Your gift will help provide larger emergency family bags for six families at greatest risk this Christmas time.




All photographs shown are for illustration purposes only.
Please note: If we are overblown by people’s generosity and exceed our targets, rest assured that your gift will not be wasted, but will go towards where there’s the greatest need in our area. Thank you.



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